Join the UAE restaurants that take their eco-friendly commitment beyond their store

Products that will signify your commitment towards developing a sustainable environment in your restaurant and initiate conversations promoting broad understanding that our food service industry can positively contribute to the environment.

  • One stop store for biodegradable food packaging supplies in Dubai, UAE. We provide an extensive range of eco-friendly single use cutlery, compostable takeaway containers, innovative and eco-friendly foodservice packaging, sustainable disposable tableware and environmental friendly disposable products and packaging materials. Our disposable tableware, sustainable food packaging products, eco-friendly food containers and take-out boxes, cups, plates and cutlery are sought after among the environmental friendly restaurants in Dubai and other parts of UAE. We have complete sustainable solution for HORECA meeting the professional demand in terms of function, range, availability, quality and price. The product range includes food containers, disposable tableware products, disposable dinnerware products, take-away containers, kraft salad bowls, bamboo cups, wooden cutlery, catering disposables, napkins, mini dishes, paper straws, sealable bagasse trays and biodegradable food service products.




Sustainability in F&B

Compostable and biodegradable packaging are increasingly becoming popular among the F&B operators worldwide. It helps the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, is easy to dispose of and helps your business project a positive image. Moreover, if you are looking at servicing the MICE sector compostable packaging is almost a prerequisite these days. So, if you are relatively new to this industry or want to switch to sustainable and eco-friendly packaging and want to know where to find biodegradable packaging in Dubai you have come to the right place. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging store in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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